Meet our Staff

Dorys Herrera

Physiocore Pilates & Rehab, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Dorys Herrera, licensed Physical Therapist and STOTT Pilates certified practitioner. She received her training as a P.T. at Jackson Hospital where she had the opportunity to treat all diagnosis at various levels of injury and rehab. She credits her knowledge to the invaluable experience she received at JMH and working with their incredible staff. Dorys also worked at South Miami Hospital, at the Miami Dade Fire Fighters Wellness Center and at other orthopeadic surgeons’ offices.

Dorys has elegantly combined her Physical Therapy experience with her Pilates knowledge and delivers a progressive approach. Physiocore offers an exciting and effective alternative that is sure to heighten your fitness level and overall mind-body wellness.

Rebecca Kish

Rebecca Kish was introduced to Pilates while training as a young dancer. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ballet, Rebecca went on to dance professionally in Guam, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and aboard Cruise Ships.

Rebecca realized her passion for Pilates when she found what a drastic effect it had on her strength and postural alignment. Rebecca received her Pilates certification through Stott Pilates. Her passion of teaching Pilates stems from her desire to help others, her interest in movement and her confidence that each individual will reap the benefits of Pilates.


Sonya Tittle

Sonya is passionate about healthy living and movement. She earned a graduate degree in Exercise Science and currently holds certification as an NASM Personal Trainer in addition to several others. As an avid scuba diver she has spent many years teaching fitness and diving around the world. Sonya began her official Pilates journey in 2005 when she took a year off to live abroad in Cape Town, South Africa to complete her Pilates training. Upon returning to the US, she began teaching Pilates, sharing articles, and leading seminars on the benefits of Pilates for improved performance. She believes in the power of the Pilates principles and encourages her clients to embrace the many rewards found from living a Pilates inspired lifestyle.


Parisa Daee

Parisa Daee was inspired to become a physical therapist through her love for sports and her time spent as a volunteer in the spinal cord unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. She received a Bachelorette degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences graduating with honors in 1995 from the University of Florida and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 1999. Parisa has been a practicing Physical Therapist for upward of 13 years, and has worked in a variety of clinical settings and specialties. She began her career as a physical therapist at Jackson Memorial Hospital specializing in Neurology and Orthopedics, and is currently employed at South Miami Hospital. She has received her certification in Neurological Developmental Techniques (NDT), Pilates from Polestar, and is currently pursuing her Manual Therapy Certification which will further enhance her skills as a musculoskeletal specialist. As a physical therapist with extensive clinical experience and specialty training, she brings a comprehensive approach to the care of her clients. She is a strong believer in the philosophy and principles of Pilates and sees it as a vital tool that empowers the patient to manage and reach their maximum potential in a wide spectrum of conditions including back pain, sport injuries, strokes, postural and balance deficits. Parisa has run numerous marathons and has completed a triathlon; she has found Pilates effective in treating her own injuries and improving her overall strength and endurance necessary to compete. She continues to strive to learn more innovative techniques and expand her knowledge in the field of physical therapy, nutrition, and fitness by attending seminars and conferences. She feels so fortunate to able to share her knowledge with others healing the body, mind, and spirit